Neuilly Yo Mama!

6.1 90 minutes 5.349 views

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Neuilly Yo Mama!

Samy moves from the underdeveloped crime-ridden French suburb to the riches of Neuilly.

Runtime: 90 minutes
User Watch: 5.349 User
Rating: 6.1
Company: , , ,
Countries: France
Casts: as Sami Ben Boudaoud, as Charles de Chazelle, as Djamila, as Stanislas de Chazelle, as Caroline de Chazelle, as Marie, as Nadia Ben Boudaoud, as Brigitte, la mère de Charles et Caroline, as Mme Bachelot, directrice du collège Saint-Exupéry, as le pongiste, as Aziz Ben Boudaoud, as M. Boulègue, as L'huissier, as Père Dinaro, as Mme Blanchet, as le professeur de sport, as Le médecin, as Le sénateur, as le professeur d’histoire-géographie, as la professeur de musique, as Mme Lambert, la mère de Guilain, as Abdelmalik, Picasso 1, as le père de Jason, as , as , as Rislen, la libanaise, as l'hôtesse de l'air, as , as Guilain Lambert, as Pierre Walter Bonnard, as Guiseppe San Pelegrino, as Jason, as Mam, as Tran, Picasso 2, as Picasso 3, as Sophie Bourgeois, as Chow-Yung-Fi, as Samba, as Madame Diallo, la mère de Mam, as Bonne Marylin, as le fils de l'ambassadeur, as Youssef
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